Artistic Flair Meets Practical Kitchen Design

Artistic Flair Meets Practical Kitchen Design | Kitchen Remodeling Near Me

Our Beloved Kitchens Plus Designer Sarah MacIntyre Recently Featured! Meet Sarah MacIntyre, a passionate Mantra Kitchen Designer based in the vibrant city of San Diego. With a profound love for the arts and a keen eye for home renovation, Sarah has seamlessly woven her creative spirit into the realm of […]

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Big Kitchen Award & Judges Choice Award For Showplace Cabinetry

Ansari Award Winning Green-Retreat Showplace Cabinetry 2023

Caldwell Green Retreat – Imagine starting your day by opening up a 7ft wide pass through window; allowing fresh air and sunlight streaming in, casting playful shadows across warm wood floors, deep green cabinets, and luxurious natural stone tops. Birds are chirping and the trickling sound of water cascading out […]

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If Pictures Speak 1,000 Words…

If Pictures Speak 1,000 Words... | Kitchens Plus

Then Our Videos Are Priceless…

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Design Contest Results for 2021 For Showplace Cabinetry

Design Contest Results for 2021 For Showplace Cabinetry | San Diego bathroom remodeling contractor

Congratulations to our designer Sarah MacIntyre on her project submission placing 2nd overall in the competition! Entry: “Bright & Airy Master Suite” The master suite and some living areas swapped places. My client had a vision to reconfigure her homes’ floor plan to allow a remodeled bathroom, a new custom […]

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Discovery My City – Kitchens Plus La Mesa California

Home Remodeling & Design | Remodeling Services Near Me

Since its humble beginnings in 1987, Kitchens Plus in La Mesa stands as one of the premier kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors serving San Diego and its surrounding communities. Operating for more than 30 years, they have proven time and time again their work consists of delivering quality designs and […]

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